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Player / LJ: Bev / beverly_mcintyr
Email: luckofarebel at cox dot net
AIM: SilvrBevvy

Character Name: Harada Takeshi

Character LJ (if applicable): giniro_musuko

Physical description (face, build, weight): Height: 6 ft., Weight: 180 lbs., Eyes: Black; Hair: Black
Age: 19

PB: Tak Sakaguchi

Takeshi is a superb swordsman but not quite to the level his father was. He is also a highly skilled master of the several martial arts, although his abilities do not match those of Iron Fist or Shang-Chi.

Takeshi's "hidden" mutant powers are electricity based.
* Direct Current Paralysis: He can touch another person and project direct current electricity into his opponent's body, causing muscles (or wiring) to lock up and prevent him/her from moving. The touch must be maintained; as soon as he lets go, the effect fades.
* Charged Punch: Takeshi can use his electrical powers to 'super-charge' his punch, allowing him to hit opponents with much greater physical force than he normally could.
* Power Down Touch: He can inhibit or shut off the flow of electrical power to a device, or do the same to another person's electricity powers. He has to touch for this power to work currently.
* Ohm Effect: Takeshi's electricity powers make it difficult for anyone to hurt him with electricity.
* Electrosense: He has an innate ability to detect electrical fields - not only those given off by electrical current or technological devices, but those emitted by living bodies.
* Electronic Concealment: Due to the nature of Takeshi's powers, he emits a specific electronic signature that interferes with electronic monitoring systems and makes them unable to detect him.

Weaknesses and flaws: Unrelenting hatred for those he sees as architects of his father's downfall. Unable to control his electronic concealment abilities to turn them off. He is mostly untrained in his mutant abilities because he was not aware he had them until recently.

Character location/Home: Mobile / Japan

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Villain in charge of the Hand

Relatives: Harada Kenuichio (father, deceased), Harada Shingen (grandfather, deceased), Yukio (mother, living), Yashida Mariko (aunt, deceased), Yoshida Shiro (cousin, living)

Backstory: Takeshi is the only son of the Silver Samurai and a drunken one-night affair with Yukio. Surprisingly, the ronin did not have the baby aborted. Though she did drop him off into the Silver Samurai's care a month after birth. She did visit her son on occasion, but the visits were infrequent and did not impress much of a filial feeling toward Yukio from her son. Kenuichio had his son raised in as traditional of manner possible with an emphasis on the samurai arts. Takeshi looked up to his father emensely and tried to be the perfect son.

Kenuichio was disappointed when his son did not detect as a mutant nor grow as big as his father. Takeshi took the disappointment as an affront and worked to try to overcome these blemishes in his father's eyes. He was still working on this when his father was disgraced after losing the leadership of Clan Yashida to the Mongolian crimelord Haan Kaishek. Despite defeating Kaishek later, Kenuichio's honor was not restored as the win was said to be more Wolverine's work than Kenuichio's. After this honor was denied, Takeshi learned his father had fallen under the emploty of the Hand and sent to kill the wayward Elektra. Kenuichio was killed during that confrontation.

Takeshi took what intel he could about his father's doings and began to work to get his father's wishes for Clan Yashida as well as getting the Hand under his control. He wants to unify this Japanese power and get it under the correct leadership. To solidify his position, Takeshi killed Tsurayaba Matsu’o after performing some work under his father's mantle. It was Matsu'o's death that made Takeshi realize he was more than human. Takeshi styles himself after Tokugawa Ieyasu on leading the ninja. They are useful weapons to be used to augment Japanese strength.

Sample post:

Takeshi Harada sat on a jet heading for the United States. His father's sword and ring sat on the table in front of him. He stared at the the last physical things he had of his father. His plan was rolling along unhindered in New York. His arrival was imminent and the final piece before the sins of the father were reflected back on his only son. He glanced at the printed documents at his elbow. Information on the targets, but Takeshi did not need to go over them again. He knew who he was after.

Someone was waiting for him to his left. Quietly. Probably another status report. Takeshi waved his hand for the woman to report.

"Sir." She bowed. "The chunin has reported the mission against Stark Anya went as well as expected. Major directives were achieved. However, there has been an interesting development."

Takeshi looked over at the woman.

"The new Mandarin was the one to save the girl and not her parents," the woman supplied at the appropriate time.

The new Silver Samurai's lip curled. "He got in the middle of the plan. And he prevented total completeion of the plan. The Mongol interferes too much." He settled back in his seat. "The transfer of power from the original Mandarin was loud and messy. Start a search for the original Mandarin. He is most likely not dead and hidden somewhere."

"Hai." She wrote her orders down. "Also, the genin sent to talk to the Logan son has noted the boy is still thinking he is turning things his way by being out in the open."

Takeshi looked up at the woman. "He is an American. They are all talk and piss. He will get what is coming to him. On our schedule."

He fingered the reports. Each one detailed what had happened to Blaire Aiden, Blaire Hana, and Stark Anya. It was good work, but he personally would do better. Those scores were ones cried for from the Hand itself. Loganovich Misha was Takeshi's personal score. He dismissed the woman with another wave and read over the report taken of what Loganovich had done during the rescue of the Blaire boy.


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